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Must Have Apps for House Hunters

House hunting can be overwhelming, but don’t worry – there’s always an app for that. Arm yourself with these brilliant tech tools to help take the stress out of the search.

Real Estate by Zillow

As the most downloaded real estate-related app for both Apple and Android phones, Zillow’s mobile app provides users with the responsive capabilities of its website in mobile form, including an interactive map and home value estimate that are signature features offered by the brand. With more than 100 million homes in its database, Real Estate by Zillow is another way for users to access information – more than two-thirds of Zillow’s traffic comes from mobile devices, Zillow reports. Real Estate

With the ability to search for homes by school and district, the app makes it easy to find neighborhoods that meet your location needs. Tapan Bhat, chief product officer for, says the app is user-friendly and provides accurate, updated information. “Today’s apps are folding in the latest advances in technology as soon as they’re available, so it’s important to update often and see what’s new,” he says. Among the newest features Bhat notes is a "hand-off capability" for the Express Real Estate app for iOS 9 that allows users to switch between desktop and mobile devices with ease.


The mobile real estate app run by the U.S. Census Bureau gives you access to information about the city or neighborhood you’re considering – from basic statistics like population, down to specific demographics that can help you get a feel for the area you move to. Though it’s meant for a wide range of purposes, including travel and simply getting to know your hometown better, for real estate purposes, it’s helpful for gauging priorities before making a major move. For instance, the app asks you to rate the importance of different factors in your life such as job type and climate.

Real Estate by Trulia